A player's statistics (or "stats") are measures of advanced a player is in certain aspects of his development. There are currently six stats that you can raise on Darkwind.


Strength is a measure of how muscular a person is. High strength allows a character to lift heavier objects, and carry more weight while adventuring. All things being equal, strong characters will find their packs less encumbering than weaker ones. Strength is also very important in combat, influencing how much power a character is able to put into each swing. Naturally, a stronger character will be able to do more damage with each swing than a weaker one.


Constitution is a measure of physical toughness and stamina. High constitution allows a player to perform strenuous tasks for a longer time. It increases the amount of hit points the player has, and therefore increases the amount of damage that can be taken before needing to rest or heal.


Dexterity encompasses a number of physical attributes including hand-eye coordination, agility, reflexes, balance, precision, and speed of movement. Dexterity affects a character's accuracy with missile weapons (darts, arrows, cats, etc.) and in the ability to swing weapons at moving targets. Dexterity is also important for dodging attacks. Dexterity is particularly important for roguish guilds which rely on quick reflexes and the manipulation of small objects.


Intelligence is similar to what is currently known as intelligence quotient, but also includes mnemonic ability, reasoning, and learning ability outside those measured by any written test. In melee combat, more intelligent characters are able to better use their equipment, and discern their enemies' weaknesses, leading to greater success at hitting their enemies, and also in deflecting incoming blows using their armor. Intelligence is essential for guilds that make heavy use of mental powers to manipulate the world directly, or indirectly through arcane spells.


Wisdom is both a measure of a character's common sense, and also of his general awareness of the world around him. Wisdom is important for all characters since awareness of one's immediate situation is essential for survival. The use of priestly powers is often heavily influenced by wisdom since the character must tap into his awareness of a divine source. Wisdom is especially important in the heat of combat, where the wrong choice can lead to a hasty demise. A wise character can often see a battle unfolding and where an enemy's next strike may land. Wisdom is also important in using armor more effectively to deflect the blows that do land.


Charisma is a measure of force of personality. It measures how well a character is able to influence others by word or action. A charismatic character is more likely to be listened to, respected, and trusted by others. If you have a high charisma, the shopkeepers might give you some extra gold just because they like you. Charisma is useful for guilds that require some subtlety in their dealings, or who seek to guide people along a particular path.

Stat Raises

The base value for a stat can be raised to a maximum of 200.

Bonuses and Negatives

Different Races can provide bonuses and penalties to different stats. Additionally, abilities, equipment, and other sources can all affect the total of a stat.