DarkWind currently has eight professions. They are split into two main groups - gathering and manufacturing. The gathering professions are herbalism, mining, and skinning. The manufacturing professions are alchemy, leatherworking, smithing, and tailoring. The gathering professions gather resources from the game environment. The manufacturing professions use the resources from the gathering professions, along with reagents dropped from npc kills to manufacture goods. You can buy profession tools from the profession building located 4e, n from CoT.

Note: not all reagent drops from npcs will show in your reagents list.

  • Herbalism allows you to 'gather herbs' across the world. Their main purpose will be for use in alchemy potions.
  • Mining allows you to 'mine ore' in various terrains around the world. The ores you mine would be used mostly for smithing, with some used in the other manufacturing professions.
  • Skinning allows you to 'skin corpse' and retrieve their hides. The hides would be used mostly for leatherworking.
  • Alchemy is used to create potions. The potions could have various uses, from stat enhancement to healing.
  • Leatherworking allows you to create leather goods. Most of those goods would be in the form of leather armour, but other goods such as bags would be included.
  • Smithing allows you to create armour from the various metals.
  • Tailoring allows you to create clothing and padded armour. Cloth bags, bandages, and poultices would also be included.
  • Fishing is a stand-alone profession that allows you to take a break and relax, fishing up meals you can use later in your adventures.

To see your skills in each profession, you can use the professions command. To see your reagents, you can use the reagents command.

Note: Most transformed forms do not need the profession tools.