It was nearly 1800 years ago that the dark wind appeared and ravaged our cities, countries, towns and villages. From where this evil came and what the cause was, I regret to say is not known to us, for most of the immortals were still children at the time. Some say it was an evil birthed of the foul arts of Alarian, the great Necromancer, and that he was its first victim, but that is just a legend from the mists of time. Whatever the cause, the effects were obvious. Not even the longest of wars could have killed as swiftly and effortlessly as that unliving wind of malice.

The dark wind has come and gone several times during my life, during the life of the city, and during the rebuilding. Not even Mitra, Gaea and Set could fully stop the destruction. But the first occurrence of the wind was the worst by far. We shall start our history at that time, for history of the time before the coming is lost, just as the lives and cities were lost. The races of Darkwind were thrown into confusion, and the blancmanges, who had been decimated by the wind, were pushed to the brink of extinction by the resulting race wars.

The race wars were bloody affairs. The ogres, orcs and trolls banded together, and with their combined raw strength launched raids and besieged the elves, gnomes and dwarves as they attempted to rebuild. The humans fell victim to massive infighting. The faerie and the halflings managed to escape most of the bloodshed, however they found themselves unable to do much rebuilding of their shattered culture.

The death and barrenness caused by the dark wind caught the eye of three gods: Gaea, the earth mother; Mitra, the goddess of goodness; and Set, the god of chaos. Gaea set about to restore the land, the plants, and the animals. Mitra and Set, however, made themselves known to the inhabitants of Darkwind. Gaea worked so very hard at rebuilding life. Mitra and Set, however, attempted to lead the people to a better life. Co- existence between the factions, the races, and families was not to be at this time. The religious wars that followed were unfortunate, and only served to dilute the population even more.

No one but the gods know what happened to change things. 24 years after the cleansing by the dark wind, representatives from the different races met at the bay where Darkwind City now stands. Many say that Gaea herself came to the representatives and entranced them, giving them power from her own body, as well as power from both Set and Mitra. Thus she bestowed upon them immortality; the ability to command flesh, stone, air, water, and spirit, and the determination to create a better life.

With the immortals in place, she forbade Set and Mitra from taking a direct hand in the world, allowing them to only work through the priests and the immortals. The age of immortals had begun. The first act was the creation of a city on the very ground where they were given their power. And the city was called Darkwind, and it was open to one and all.

The races of Darkwind thrived, and explored the surrounding countryside and the oceans. The immortals created many things, guided by Mitra, Set and Gaea.