DarkWind Player Levels


Players are considered newbies until their 6th level, though most guilds will allow membership at level 5.


Players at level 20 gain the 'whotitle' command.


Players who reach level 45. HERO+ players gain the 'ltitle' command, and can dual guild.


Players who reach level 65. LEGEND+ player gain the ability to register a free mythic character and gain the combatbrief damage toggle.


On Darkwind, we give players the option to newbify their characters should they choose to do so. This entails 'killing' them down to level 1, reducing all stats down to starting values, and resetting a couple other things the character has learned throughout their life. It's merely a quick way for you to start somewhat over, but not quite from scratch.

You will need to find someone to help you accomplish this dasterdly deed though. If you ask around you can probably find such a person willing to help you 'see the light' a little early.

NOTE: Attempting to newbify yourself by repeatedly killing yourself off is against the spirit of the game and is punishable by the Gods of Darkwind.

Real Life Talk: If you are feeling suicidal, please reach out to someone. Depression lies.

If you are in the USA, Call 1-800-273-8255 If you are in the UK, Call 116 123 If you are in Australia, Call 13 11 14 If you are in the Netherlands/nu hulp nodig? Call 0900-0113

Or send a tell, shout, gossip, etc to anyone online.