The World

DarkWind is a heavily-modified fantasy based LPMud set in medieval times.

DarkWind has 20,000+ rooms across several continents, from the cold, icy plains of Hyperborea and the desolate deserts of Souvrael, to the sweltering jungles of Kerei and the forests of Darkwind proper. There are also a number of islands that you can visit, including the mysterious Volcano Isle, and the turmoil-filled Talamh Darag.

DarkWind features over 20 individual races, including some that have added racial bonuses! These races include, but are not limited to: Elves, Gnomes, Orcs, Humans, Draconians, and more.

DarkWind has multiple guilds, including Epic and Mythic guilds. These guilds are: Bard, Charlatan, Cleric of Mitra, Fighter, Garou, Lunar Mage, Mage, Ninja, Paladin, Psionicist, Swashbuckler, and Thief. Epic and Mythic guilds are currently in development, though Dragon, Morpher, and Monk(mythic) have been released. Multi guilding is allowed, with restriction. Multi-characters are allowed, with restriction.

DarkWind has an entirely player-driven economy. Players can own inns and pubs, purchase various ships and pets. Gear is saved on exit, except unique and other rare items. Server reboot is typically every 5 days.

Player killing is allowed, but is not mandatory (unless you are a Thief). Player Killing does require registration. Role play is encouraged, but not required.

DarkWind maintains a separate developmental server, to keep live MUD disruptions to a minimum. 3000