Character Development

DarkWind offers a variety of great features that make play interesting

Clans – DarkWind has a fully functional clan system that includes full-fledged clan warfare.
Economy – Our economy is almost 100% player-ran. Players can own inns and pubs and make the meals and kegs sold at each facility. Additionally, we have a market and auction system that allow player-set prices on items.
PK – We have an opt-in PK (player-killer) system. Its up to you. For those of us that wish to remain Non-PK but also want the chance to see how we would do against other players, we have an arena. In the arena you are temporarily flagged as PK and can fight another player.
Pets – We have an amazing variety of pack animals to choose from. We have everything from a generic pet, all the way up to a lumbering mastadon and magical teapots.
Guilds – We have 12 normal guilds to choose from. These are Bard, Charlatan, Cleric of Mitra, Fighter, Garou, Lunar Mage, Mage, Ninja, Paladin, Psionicist, Swashbuckler, and Thief. We have special guilds offered as part of our end-game content.

Races – We have many different races to choose from, including hidden races that you must find for yourself.
Ships – As a player, you have the option of owning your own ship. We have every thing from the tiny cog to the enormous carrack.
Newbies – We have and extensive support system for newbies, including a Newbie Tome, a newbie channel, dedicated newbie helpers, a newbie equipment shop, and even a newbie inn. 3000